The fundamentals of life?

i begin where i end; and strangely end where i begin. Such ghastly goals they have set up for me, i wonder if against them, i will ever win! Life, some call it, while enlightened ones name it consciousness. And i, here, am still struggling to find a moment's bliss! How does one live a... Continue Reading →

Beginnings and Ends

The beginnings and ends are always so strange, They bring a fear of commotion to a life well arranged. Both unsettle, both are unsure, But both are tempestuous and both lure. How does one measure life’s one moment? The happy ones fleet fast while those linger which torment! And in the end, oh the end!... Continue Reading →


The day is ending now; the sun leaves behind a warm trail of red along the horizon line. i wake up and look around; the sky looks wonderfully sublime. i look out my window, my chariot patiently waits, the horses, white, delicate, sway with the winds; the night kindly opens its black gates. i wonder... Continue Reading →


A veiled vision comes to me, perhaps a remnant of some reverie; a silent tear breaks away, like shadows branching from the day. A tiny smile floats for a while, and memories flood a mile. Memory is an amazing thing, it makes us laugh it makes us cry, we close our eyes and watch, as... Continue Reading →

i am…..

The cold morning breeze hurriedly kisses me awake, curling curtly around these clouds like a slithering snake. i push a cloud here and another one there, as i descend hazily from my auburn lair. The earth welcomes me with such amaze, wreathing prayers in each of my rays. i am the sun, warm and bright;... Continue Reading →


Peace, Sometimes a distant dream, sometimes a whole new revolution, and when I seek it within me, I see a new evolution. How often I hear this word; each day new voices conjure new thoughts, new meanings and sometimes new definitions.   Of what people, what colour and which tongue does war speak?   War, it... Continue Reading →

wish you were here….

How i wish, how i wish you were here. We are just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year. There are oceans beyond, with which you and me share an undying bond. i dream of the freedom there those immense open spaces, the fresh sunlit air. Miles to swim, to dive, to... Continue Reading →

The Buddha Diaries.. Boudha

i am Hindu by birth, but i don’t know why i feel so drawn towards this god called Buddha. i have never ever sought spirituality, nor ever thought of treading on that path of renouncement. Yet, every time i see him, he invokes something within me which i cannot explain. His presence, his thought alone, serenades me... Continue Reading →

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